Johanna Wanka

Federal Minister of Education and Research

November 2015  

Welcome address on the occasion of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015  

How can the world economy grow sustainably without threatening our natural resources? How can we feed billions of people under these circumstances? How can we wisely reconcile economic and ecological concerns while ensuring that the opportunities and challenges of globalization are shared fairly? The bioeconomy can provide valuable answers to these questions. Research, development and innovation are the keys to a sustainable future. The Federal Government therefore decided at an early stage to adopt a research policy and strategy which promotes the transformation towards a sustainable bio-based economy.

The bioeconomy is becoming an increasingly important concept. Governments all over the world are focusing on green innovations, resource efficiency and sustainable life cycle management. But a truly sustainable bioeconomy can only be achieved if stakeholders on all continents cooperate with one another. This is why we need to follow a global approach: The regional or national objectives which have been defined and the measures which have already been launched must be integrated into a common global bioeconomy agenda.

The Global Bioeconomy Summit provides an opportunity to make further progress with international cooperation. The German Bioeconomy Council has organized this first international bioeconomy meeting as a forum for exchange and networking. I am convinced that this global dialogue on a sustainable bioeconomy will provide many new ideas for shaping our future.