Angela Merkel

Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

July 2015  

Welcome address on the occasion of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015  

The number of people in the world is growing, whereas the earth’s natural resources are limited. This simple fact poses one of the greatest challenges we face today: how can we succeed in meeting the needs of present and future generations alike?   

A biobased economy offers a promising prospect. It relies on renewable resources and scientific findings. This means that renewable resources and biotechnological processes primarily help to safeguard food security and are also used to generate sustainable energy and in industrial manufacturing.    

Several years ago, the Federal Government launched the National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030 and the National Policy Strategy on Bioeconomy. Essentially, these two strategies will strengthen the bioeconomy as the driving force of innovation and the key to sustainable growth. To this end, we are promoting interdisciplinarity and collaboration between science and industry, as well as international cooperation. In addition, we want to engage in an intensive dialogue with society. After all, the duty to ensure responsible use of the world’s finite natural resources concerns every one of us.   

The first Global Bioeconomy Summit held by the German Bioeconomy Council provides an excellent forum for exchanging views on different approaches and experiences across national borders. In view of the important decisions on climate and sustainability policy that will be made this year, global collaboration on the bioeconomy has particular precedence. As patron, I thus hope for a successful outcome of the conference and I wish all participants and guests interesting meetings and stimulating discussions.