The Global Bioeconomy Summit is the first community building platform to discuss bioeconomy policies globally. It builds on the post 2015 development goals to start a multilateral agenda setting process for a sustainable bioeconomy. For this purpose the German Bioeconomy Council, an independent advisory body to the German Federal Government, is inviting more than 500 leaders from policy, research, industry and civil society to Berlin.

Bioeconomy is broadly defined as the production, and utilisation of biological resources and innovations in order to provide sustainable goods and services in all economic sectors. Bioeconomy might contribute substantially to green growth, innovativeness and sustainable development. In the past five years alone, the key objectives of the bioeconomy have been incorporated in the strategic activities of more than 30 countries. However, it seems that it has not yet become an integral part of the wider innovation and sustainable development agendas nor of future-oriented public debates. The Global Bioeconomy Summit aims at identifying challenges and opportunities at stake. The summit will result in recommendations in view of global governance and international cooperation. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, the EU Commission and the German Government endorse this special event.