Bioeconomy Policy and Trade Strategies

This roundtable will provide a platform for policy makers and promotion organizations from around the world to discuss experiences, activities and positions regarding suitable policy and trade strategies fostering sustainable bioeconomy development. What can be learnt from experiences in the past? What are the key issues in the present and the future? What are opportunities for future collaborations? What is the significance of regulatory frameworks, e.g. in the area of international trade, how should they be developed further?


16:30 – 16:35 Welcome and short introduction, Session Chairs, Ms. Hunter and Ms. Noske

16:35 – 18:15 Impulse presentations and Q&A

Building the environment

  • Fostering Systemic Approaches in Research and Education, A. Noske, Ministry of Education and Research, Germany
  • Building a collaborative IB ecosystem for driving the UK bioeconomy, J. Hunter, BBSRC, UK
  • Thailand and the transition from conventional bioresource-deployment economy to the sustainable bioeconomy, S. Tongsopit, Thailand
  • Value-added networks for the successful international implementation of bioeconomy, R. Kindervater, Germany

Policy and alignment

  • Bioeconomy policies and policy coherence in the Baltic Sea Region, G. Oddsson, Nordic Council of Ministers
  • Bioeconomy policy approaches in Western Africa: reviving the fortunes of traditional grains, J. Gatune, African Centre for Economic Transformation, Ghana
  • Bioeconomy policy approaches in Central Denmark Region – an EU frontrunner, H. Brask Pedersen, Denmark

Industry and trade perspectives

  • Trade strategies and bioeconomy (tbc), H. Hetmeier, Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Germany
  • Boosting SME Engagement in the Bioeconomy, L.H. Jensen, Denmark
  • Realising bioplastics potential in Europe – creating a favourable landscape, H. von Pogrell, European Bioplastics, Europe

18:15 – 18:30
Moderated discussion among Roundtable participants

Rene van Ree has over 25 years working experience in the energy sector with a current main focus on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and biobased products. Since 2007, Mr. van Ree has acted as leader Bioenergy & Biofuels at Food & Biobased Research Wageningen and has also been the coordinator of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefining. Additionally he holds memberships in the Steering Committee European Biofuel Technology Platform (EBTP), the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Bioenergy as well as in the Energy Advisory Group at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Mr. van Ree has a master’s degree in chemistry.

Gerfried Jungmeier has been the Austrian Team Leader in IEA Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefining since 2007. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Graz University of Technology and wrote his PhD on ‚Greenhouse gas balance of bio energy systems’ (1999). From 1993 on Mr. Jungmeier has been worked Joanneum Research mbH where he is currently responsible for energy systems and strategies. His research focuses mainly life cycle assessment, bioenergy, emission and energy balances. Additionally Mr. Jungemeier is operating agent in Task 19 Life Cycle Assessment of Electric Vehicles of the IEA Implementing Agreement Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and lecturer at several Austrian universities.